Thermal imaging survey of the buildings and structures


Currently, the issue of cost-saving energy for a premises’ heating is one of the most actual. Quite a lot of money are put for the heating of the buildings and often the desired result is not achieved. The reason is in the details and the little things as always. Therefore, before a warming of the buildings the thermal imaging survey should be carried out which will help to calculate the cost required for the warming. After the warming works are carried out the thermal imaging survey will monitor a result and identify all shortcomings of the installation of the insulation, creating heat loss.



The main task of the thermal imaging survey –to check a condition of the premises and to identify the shortcomings in the insulation, heating systems, engineering designs, to establish the cause of a high humidity or dry air and other additional tasks.

The average cost of the thermal imaging survey services is as follows:
Apartment, office - from 50 Rus.rub. for 1sq.m..
House - from 70 Rus.rub. for 1sq.m..

Our company with a thermal imager offers you:
1. Check the vapor barriers’ work. Identify the places of a condensation’s manifestation on the inner surfaces of the room.
2. Identify blockages of the heating systems.
3. Form a plan of a rational distribution of the heating systems’ heat nodes.
4. Identify a place of a leaking of roofs and piping.
5. Determine an availability, size and location of cracks in the walls.
6. Determine the poor-quality installation of windows’ and doors’ blocks.
7. Check a tightness of glazed windows.
8. Find the causes of high humidity or dry climate inside the building.

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