Maintenance of the heat nodes (heat accounting)


1. Dayly remote readings of the heat nodes’ devises via a modem connection.
2. Printing consumption statements, reporting and protection them in a heat supply company.
3. Periodic maintenance of the heat nodes’ devises (inspection, readings and analysis of the readings, final turning up, small current repair).
4. Prophylactic works: disassembly, assembly, installation, cleaning of the devices.
5. Calibration of the devices.
6. Repair or a replacement of the devices.
7. Commissioning works in the heat node. Putting into operation for a heat supply company’s inspector.
8. Calling and delivery the heat supply company’s inspectors for putting into operation the heat node.
9. Preparation and delivery results of technical condition inspections’ of the engineering systems on the customer's application.
10. Participation in cooperation with the customer’s representative in controversial situations with a heat suppler.
11. Production of the heat node passport.
12. The complex of works connected with a periodic state calibration of the heat meters, hot domestic water supply, cold domestic water supply.

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