The list and sequence of installation, repair, commissioning of internal engineering of the buildings and constructions

1. Working out and design of the systems’ circuits. The circuits of the heating supply system, water supply system project, and much more. Preparation of the estimations, in order the customer was able to allocate their financial resources correctly.
2. Installation of a sewerage system and water supply system.
3. Installation of the heating system. The heating system operation is to be efficient in terms of energy consumption.
4. Commissioning of the systems. During the installation of the engineering systems it is necessary to carry out commissioning of the engineering systems.
5. Installation of a sanitary equipment.
6.Installation of energy-saving systems and systems of an automatic accounting and regulation.

These works are carried out before the putting the object into operation, and if difficulties present, they can be quickly corrected by the experienced special teams.

The works are performed by our company in accordance with the rules and regulations.

The cost of work depends on the customer's data, contact to the technician to specify the cost. Phone number: +7(911) 364-85-36