Heating of buildings

Heating of buildings is becoming more expensive in the modern conditions. Federal Law at 23.11.2009 № 261-ФЗ "About an energy saving and increasing of energy efficiency" requires, that the heat meters are to be installed in all residential arrears before January 1, 2012.
The time for installation of the heat meters has moved, but even after that, not all Russians are ready to pay for and install the heat meters in their apartments.

Meanwhile, as it stated in the same law , that substantial fines will impose for the lack of the heat metering devices, what should serve as an additional incentive to take actions, according to the legislators.

The decision to buy and install the heat metering equipment is to be made during the general meeting of the owners of the block of flats.

The homeowners have an impact on the effective heating of the buildings, actually they give the powers to the managing company to implement the requirements of the Federal Law № 261.

The owners have to select the design and installation company, which is able to design of the heat nodes, installation and commissioning of all heat metering devices.

What is included in the cost of installation and commissioning works.
Cost / price of the common house heat meters at the various objects may significantly differ, even despite of the fact ,that the schemes of work of the design and installation companies are typical, the price set by the different manufacturers may differ very substantially .

The total cost of heat node depends on many factors.

One of them - the cost of the equipment.

It needs to buy the thermal energy metering devices, such as the measuring and calculating unit (calculator) and the consumption device , the number of which usually ranges from 2 to 4, depending on the number of the streams, on which it is necessary to carry the measurements out.

Typically, the cost of the heat meters is 30% of the total cost of the heat node.

Another 20% are to the related equipment: power supply, set of thermocouples, pressure sensors, valves, set of mounting parts, etc.

The remaining 50% of the total cost of the heat node - Payment for the service of the design and installation company.
Approximately half of that amount - the cost of the design and the estimates.

The rest of the amount - the cost of the installation of the common house heat meters.

The installation cost of the purchased heat meters includes the installation equipment works and the commissioning works , which are on the basis of the agreed project ,should carry out by the highly qualified specialists.

As a rule, the purchase of the heat meters and shipping are not included in the task of the design and installation company.
Its function – determining the cost of the installation of the metering devices, providing to the customer with all necessary documentation and submission of the heat node to the heat energy supplying company.

Our company provides services for a complete set of the equipment and materials, based on the agreed project.
In addition, our company provides technical consulting during the selection of the equipment or their analogues according to customer’s requirements. Therefore, it would be wrong to believe, that the cost of the heat node is determined only by the prices of the heat meters, and that the reliable equipment used in the heat node (regardless of the quality of the installation), it is a guarantee of its stable work.