Dispatching of a heat node

Dispatching systems allow to centralize a monitoring and management from the dispatching unit, what increases the efficiency of the decision and, accordingly, the reliability of the operation of all systems in general.
The systems of automation and dispatching of the heat node provide a real economy of a heat and electricity at the expense of a high accuracy of a setting and selection of the optimal work algorithms of the equipment.
The most important role in the energy saving is not only a thermal energy regulation, and an accounting of the energy resources.
Today all heating nodes are equipped with the heat metering devises.
Dispatching systems allow you to remotely examine the devices, installed in the heat node and manage of their work, using a serial RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces, on a basis of an Internet or GSM.
An experience of the operation of the dispatching systems shows that an economy of their implementation can be up to 45%.

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