Design of heating systems, heat nodes

The first step in the creation of an effectively working system is the design work.
At the design stage, the basic technological and technical solutions are forming, and the major indicators of a project are laying.
Upon the completion a work on the project Customer receives a set of the technical and estimate (design and estimate) documentation, which is a set of drawings (graphic part of the project) and the explanatory note.


Design work of the heat systems.
On the basis of a technical sheet the design works of the heat systems are performed, in which the following tasks are solved:
1. Thermotechnical estimation is performed;
2. Engineering equipment are selected and positioned;
3. Tracing of the heat system and a distribution of piping are planned and etc..
4. Complex solution for energy saving designs of buildings, town houses and apartments with the using of effective construction materials and technologies are offered.

Design works of the new heat nodes, reconstruction works and repairs of the existing ones.
Design works of the individual heat node are carried out both for new heat nodes and for the existing ones.
In the first stage on the basis of the technical tasks the necessary calculations are performed, then there is the preparation of the technical documents and required drawings, then when the project of an individual heat node is fully completed, there is a coordination and agreement of the project documentation with the customer, and then with heat supply company.

The design works of the heating systems and the heat nodes are carried out by the specialists of our company in accordance with all rules and regulations.

The cost of work depends on the customer's data (of the technical sheets for the execution of works), contact to the technician to refine the cost. Phone number : +7 (911) 364-85-36