Complex  maintenance of the  engineering systems of heating, water supply and sewerage.


1. To ensure the proper and safe operation of Customer's water supply systems,heat supply and sewerage.
2. Operate and maintain of the heating equipment, water supply systems, sewerage according to the "Regulations of a technical operation of thermal power plants", "Safety Rules", "Fire security Rules" and other normative and technical documentation.
3. Timely identify damagers and defects in the work of the heating equipment, water supply systems, sewerage, operatively take the necessary measures to eliminate them.
4. Timely and accurately carry out the prophylactic works and repair of the equipment and systems.
5. Observe the hydraulic, thermal regimes of the heating systems, water supply systems.
6. Monitor, control and parameterization of the heat and water supply systems.
8. Perform a flushing of pipes and radiators of the heating systems by a hydro pneumatic method.
8. Perform adjustment of the heating systems, water supply systems.
9. Eliminate a leaking of pipelines.
10. Monthly readings report of the heat meters and  water meters.
11. Perform the setting of automation systems in the early of the heating season, and its correct operation within the heating period.
12. Carry out prophylactic measures with the equipment of the automatic system in an interheating period.
13. Carry out the results of the survey of a technical condition of the engineering systems on a Customer's application.
14. Participate in cooperation with the Customer's representative in analyses of a controversial situations with the heat and water suppliers.
15. Keep the construction part of the wells, mines, canals, thermal cameras in a proper technical and sanitary condition, monitor the availability and safety of manholes, valves.
16. The complex of works connected with a periodic state calibration of the heat meters, hot domestic water supply, cold domestic water supply.

Implement measures to prevent a temper access of unauthorized persons into these premises.

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